James Bond star divides opinion with two interviews either side of Irish Sea

James Bond star divides opinion with two interviews either side of Irish Sea

Fans of Graham Norton were left a little confused after he struggled to tease any interesting stories or gossip out of his latest guests.

Chat king Norton has hosted his own show on BBC for nearly two decades and he is renowned for making his guests feel comfortable and encouraging the jokes and chemistry on screen.

However, his latest group of guests left his fans wanting more as they failed to raise the energy of the show.

Norton welcomed the cast of the upcoming James Bond movie No Time to Die.

All the main styars of the film joined Norton on his couch, Léa Seydoux, Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch, and of course 007 himself Daniel Craig.

However, despite having just filmed a multi-million-pound action thriller starring the suave British spy, the guests didn’t have much to say about it.

Online commentators described the chat as ‘painful’ and ‘like pulling teeth’ as Norton tried to usher along the conversation.

The experienced host used all his know-how to ask leading questions in the hope of getting something juicy from one of his guests but on this occasion, he came up short.

This will be Craig’s fifth and final appearance as James Bond before he steps down from the role and allows the franchise to cast a new actor.

In promoting the film, Craig also visited Ireland and appeared on the Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy.

The action star seemed a little more relaxed in that interview and opened up about his time as 007.

He firstly charmed the audience by saying said: “I love Ireland. I think I want to retire to Ireland if they will have me.”

Craig then spoke about his time playing James Bond, and how delighted he was to have had the chance to play the role one last time, given the disruptions of the covid pandemic.

Craig said: “I feel very happy and grateful to be given a chance to make this last one and also very grateful for the fact that we managed finally to get it to cinemas and it not go elsewhere.

“Obviously, a lot has happened over the past year and a bit, and this is so low down the list of priorities, but it was just the hope that we would manage to get it into the cinemas and here we are we got a premiere and everything. So, I am just, I am very excited about all of that.”

Here is a clip from the Graham Norton episode, which sees Craig tell a story about a time he had to punch professional wrestler Batista in the face.

This is a clip from the Late Late Show in which Craig speaks about the experience of playing James Bond for the past 15+ years.