Babies will laugh at anything…and how they lift our spirits when they do

babies laughing

It’s music to every parents ears…the sound of their baby laughing, especially that throaty uncontrollable laughter that can explode from the tiniest little thing.

Dad blowing a raspberry, mum shaking her head from side to side or an energetic rendition of cootchy coo…the smallest little thing can get babies in a fit of hysterics.

And isn’t that laughter the most magical sound you could ever hear? It lifts your spirit and fills your heart with joy.

babies laughing

Sit back and enjoy this collection of babies from across the world laughing their heads off at…well, just about anything really. Our particular favourites are the two little scamps who think there’s nothing funnier than throwing a handful of pebbles on to their favourite toy, their plastic slide.

Then there’s the little chap who thinks it’s hilarious to watch his dad flick through a handful of cash. On the other hand, for real hilarity, you can’t beat the comedy potential of being gently prodded with a vacuum cleaner…unless, of course, it’s your toddler mate smiling at you through the bars of your cot, or your dog trying to stare you out.

Oh, but what about mammy putting on some showbiz sneezes…who could resist that?

And then there’s the goulish face mask that you’d imagine would be frightening but has one baby chortling away, and the less scary but equally hilarious toy green elephant having his nose pulled.

How about seeing yourself on a video screen on the wall…guaranteed to bring the house down.

It’s hard not to smile at the two little mites sitting opposite each other chortling away like a couple of old timers recalling the good old days, which in their case, couldn’t have been much more than a month ago.

Enjoy, there’s plenty here to raise your spirit and get you giggling along in unison.