American who moved to Ireland lists all the things he loves about the Irish

Conner Habbib

Many Irish Americans dream of living in Ireland, the land of their ancestors, but few get the chance to do it.

Conner Habbib is one of the lucky ones. When the opportunity arose to move to Dublin as a student he jumped at the chance, and it seems that he’s glad he did.

He loves the place and is delighted that it met all his expectations. In fact he’s so thrilled with the place that he’s take to social media to list all the things he loves the most.

Conner Habbib

Here they are. See how many you agree with.

2. The way the sky is always wavering between blue and grey. Like it wants to be the Irish Sea.

3. The way people talk to each other:
I’m in a cafe and a guy pokes his head in& says to the barista,”can I water your plant outside with the rest of this?”+holds up his 1/4-full water bottle
“Sure!”she says.
“No sense wasting it!”he says,and smiles
As an American I was like: WHAT

Well the next one should be no surprise, given that Ireland seems to have more great writers per head of population than just about anywhere in the world. In fact, some people come on holiday to Ireland just to do a literary tour, taking in the locations associated with great authors like James Joyce, featuring the sights and sounds of Dublin, or W B Yeats and the rugged beauty of Co Sligo along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Well, now let’s see. We wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here and get themselves into trouble on the first day of their Ireland tour. While it may be true that the Irish are more relaxed than other countries like the USA, that doesn’t mean that rules don’t apply and you’d be lucky to meet a traffic warden as relaxed as Conner’s, so perhaps it might be better to play it safe.

This one needs a word of caution, while private health insurance may be a lot cheaper in Ireland than the United States. It’s not likely to be as cheap as the deal Conner got. He got a special price because he’s an international student paying for a course in Ireland.

Ah yes, the next one comes as no surprise. You’ll find buskers (street performers) all over Ireland, particularly in the major tourist areas like Dublin, Galway, Kerry…well, ok, just about everywhere really.

Thanks for the rundown Conner. We hope you enjoy your time in Ireland…just don’t go pushing your luck with those traffic wardens. They aren’t all so relaxed.

Conner runs his own podcast. If you’d like to hear more from him, check here


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