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Ireland Calling’s media production team have been busy developing an extensive library of videos full of fascinating information all about Ireland.
The videos fall into several different categories, many of which will be of great interest to anyone keen to find out more about their Irish heritage.
Videos from Ireland Calling

Irish surnames

Several of our videos tell the stories of some of the most popular Irish surnames, most of which are over 1,000 years old.
They videos start from the origins of the names, including where they came from and what they meant, right through the centuries until the present day.
Many of the names have changed considerably over time and some have famous variations that you would never have thought originated from the same source.
Take a look at this video history of the surname Murphy as an example:

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Tourist attractions in Ireland

Ireland has several attractions that are famous all over the world. From natural wonders such as the Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher to idyllic villages to bustling cities to iconic manmade structures such as the Titanic Belfast.
Ireland Calling have created a number of videos that give a little taste of what it is like up close and personal with some of these attractions.
Take a look at this video about the Giant’s Causeway:

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Celtic Festivals

Many festivals that are celebrated all over the world today actually originated with the ancient Celts.
For example the modern day Halloween has its roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain, while the Yule festival eventually became Christmas.
Many other modern festivals such as Easter and harvest festival can be traced back to the Celts.
Take a look at this video on the festival of Samhain for an example:

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Irish Poems

Ireland boosts some of the greatest writers of all time.
People such as Thomas Moore and Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote beautiful poetry that has resonated with people throughout the generations.
At Ireland Calling we have created videos that set some of their most popular poems to idyllic footage of Ireland or beautiful Celtic music.
Take a look at the video for The Meeting of the Waters by Thomas Moore for an example

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Irish Quotes

The quotes section has examples of some of the great Irish wit, inspiration, moving sentiments and down to earth common sense.
Take a look at this video on inspirational quotes:

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Irish blessings

There are a number of poplar Irish blessings that can help people through tough times or just make them feel better on any given day.
Take a look at this video of the blessing ‘may the Road Rise Up to Meet You’ as an example:

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