Videos of Ireland’s tourist attractions

Videos of Irish tourist attractions
See some of Ireland's best tourist attractions on video

Take a look at some of the wonderful tourist attractions Ireland has to offer. For more information check out our extensive Irish tourism section.

Videos of Irish tourist attractions

The Giant’s Causeway

A video taster of the Giant’s Causeway on the coast of Co Antrim in the north of Ireland. Scientists say it was caused by volcanic eruptions…local legend says it was built by the Irish giant Finn MacCool who wanted to build a pathway to Scotland so he could fight a Scottish giant. Take a walk along the causeway with us.

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle in Co Clare…fought over by the Irish and the British for 700 years. Take a stroll round the castle and its beautiful folk park, showing Irish homes and lifestyle from the 19th century…relax in its sumptuous walled garden.

Hedgerows of Ireland

Take a break from your busy day and enjoy some beautiful flowers from the gardens and hedgerows of Ireland.

Torc Waterfall

Take a short break from your busy day with the sights and sounds of the famous Torc Waterfall in Co Kerry.

Carrick a Rede rope bridge

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk across the famous Carrick a Rede rope bridge? This video shows you. Don’t look down!

Irish pubs

Dancing and singing in two Dublin pubs … the Four Quays and the Buskers Inn … in the famous Temple Bar area.


The story of Dingle featuring stunning video of the town and peninsula, set to Celtic music by Arlene Faith.

Dark Hedges

See what it’s like to drive through the Dark Hedges in Ireland. This tree-lined avenue has been popular for centuries but it became a major attraction after being used as the King’s Road in Game of Thrones.

Kerry Bog Village

The Kerry Bog Village shows what life was like in Ireland hundreds of years ago, with old thatched cottages and traditional animals like Irish Wolfhounds and Kerry Bog Ponies. It’s situated on the scenic Ring of Kerry about 25 miles from Killarney.

Molly Malone

Molly Malone and her leprechaun friend are street superstars for Irish tourism. Thousands of tourists crowd around her statue to have their pictures taken with her.

Do you qualify to become an Irish citizen?

There are three main ways for a person to qualify for Irish citizenship – through birth, through marriage or civil partnership or through naturalisation. Check if you qualify for Irish citizenship

Did you know?

Fans of Game of Thrones can soon visit some of the key filming locations in Northern Ireland, in a move that will provide a huge tourism boost for the area. Find out more.

Have you heard about…

A two-minute film from showcases Irish dancing in all its glory. It sees Cork trio Kieran Hardiman, Alan Kenefick and Ciaran Plummer performing their perfectly choreographed routine around the grounds of University College Cork. Find out more.

What about this…

Female Irish warrior Grainne Ni Mhaile, or Grace O’Malley is one of the most colourful characters in Irish history. Born around 1530, she was a Pirate Queen and became a constant thorn in the side of British Queen Elizabeth I. Find out more.
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