Irish billionaire treats himself to €20m mansion

Irish billionaire treats himself to €20m mansion

Irish entrepreneur John Collison has splashed out on an 18th century mansion in Co Laois.

The tech wizard created payment system Stripe with his brother Patrick in 2009.

Stripe is now one of the most used payment systems for online and digital purchases in the world.

The growth of the company has been rapid and Stripe had a revenue of a huge $7.4 billion in 2020.

The success of the Collison brothers and their company is a great example of the brilliant talent and entrepreneurs currently living and working in Ireland, particularly in the technology industry.

The Collison brothers have obviously made a tidy sum with the business, and John has chosen to treat himself and his family to this stunning mansion in the middle of Ireland.

The mansion sits on 1,100 acres of land and is named the Abbey Leix estate.

It was being sold with a listed asking price of €20m but the final sale price has not been published.

Collison can certainly expect to live the life of luxury in his new home.

Abbey Leix is located just an hour from Collison’s home-town of Limerick and also offers easy access in and out of Dublin where Stripe’s European headquarters in based.

Collison currently lives in San Francisco next to the company’s US base. He declined to comment on his recent purchase, but it is understood he wishes to regenerate the estate’s woodlands.

The main house of the Abbey Leix estate was designed by famous 18th century architect James Wyatt.

It has nine bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and an overall floor space of 27,000 square feet. Just remember where you left your keys John, or it could take a while to find them!

The estate also has ten outer houses and cottages that can home the staff and visitors.

Take a look at the video tour of Abbey Leix below.