Irish cellist plays beautiful version of classic U2 rock ballad

Irish cellist plays beautiful version of classic U2 rock ballad

An Irish musician has become an online star and caught the attention of some of the world’s biggest broadcasters as he plays a classic U2 song on the cello.

Patrick Dexter is a music teacher who lives in the west of Ireland.

As most of us may have found, he had a lot of spare time during the covid pandemic lockdowns, so decided to put his musical talent to good use.

Patrick is an expert cellist, and he has taken various classic Irish folk tunes, and pop songs and played them on his cello.

The results are brilliant with the haunting sounds of the strings adding great emotion and poignancy to some of the songs.

Patrick records his performances and post the videos online. He has built up a strong following and even caught the eye of global broadcasters such as RTÉ, BBC and CNN.

His latest video sees him performing the classic U2 rock ballad Where the Streets Have No Name.

It is already a beautiful song but Patrick’s performance on the cello gives it a whole new feeling.

The video has been well received on Patrick’s social media channels. It has been watched, viewed and liked thousands of times and the numbers are continuing to rise.

Where the Streets Have No Name is one of U2’s most iconic songs. It is the opening track on their famous 1987 album Joshua Tree when they were at the height of their fame.

Patrick has definitely breathed some new life into the song, and the melody fits beautifully with the cello.

The setting is also a great choice, with the stunning Irish landscape in the background.

As always, Patrick’s loyal friend Naoise the dog is not far from his side, and even makes a cameo appearing in the video.

Take a look for yourself below, and if you want to see more of Patrick then visit his Twitter page.