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Your chance to buy a tiny piece of Ireland

Your chance to buy a tiny piece of Ireland

Have you ever wished you could own a little bit of Ireland? Well now you can…sort of! A charity wants to restore a once magnificent 18th century Irish garden and hopes to raise the cash by getting people to ‘buy’ tiny parts of it through sponsorship. The money is being raised by crowdfunding. Here, Kerry Gordon, of the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland, describes what the project is all about.

An 18th Century Garden for a 21st Century Ireland

Crowdfunding for the garden

Crowdfund a graden campaignAt the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland we have the very exciting task of restoring the 18th Century walled garden at Russborough House in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. It is an enormous undertaking but we are very privileged to have been entrusted with such an important cultural and horticultural project.

40 day crowdfunding campaign

We are a 200 year old gardening charity that promotes gardens and gardening in Ireland and we wanted to create a real garden for real people. Using a very modern way of fundraising we have decided to ask you to help us pass this garden on to future generations by running a 40 day crowdfunding campaign.

Your contribution is literally putting another brick in the wall of the foundations of Irish gardening.

What is Crowdfunding?

Sponsor a gardener or a flwerCrowdfunding is a new way of fundraising whereby a community can come together as individual sponsors and fund a project.

In return you receive a perk, for example if you sponsor a rose bush, you will get a certificate and your name will be on the label for that rose. The certificate can contain a message and the rose can be planted for yourself or someone else.

For every brick, rose, tree planted or gardener sponsored you will receive a beautiful certificate (see below). It is a wonderful gift for someone that loves Ireland or even for yourself!

Can you help us fill this garden with life once again? To restore the garden we need to replace, replant or grow everything from the bricks in the wall, to our rose garden, to our magnificent fountain in the centre.

Crowdfunding for a gardenFor the wildlife garden we need tidbits to entice our friends the insects and frogs to step back into their old haunt. It is truly an exciting project to help build a people’s garden – every penny will go into restoring the garden.

Where else can you buy a piece of Ireland that will be forever yours? 40 days to raise €75,000! We can do it!

Find our more about how you can help sponsor the garden.
RHSI-Cert-with-text Crowdfunding

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