How the Irish use Facebook…and why they might block your posts!

A new survey has come up with some fascinating insights into how the Irish use Facebook and other social media…covering everything from relationships with the all-powerful mammy to snooping on potential romantic partners.
How the Irish use Facebook…and why they might block your posts!
It also shows why your Facebook friends may block your posts without you even knowing.
The survey was carried out by Irish Life Insurance Group, which is trying a more modern approach to its marketing campaigns.
The survey found that:

  • 34% of people hide their friends’ news feed if they post too many pictures of their pets or babies. Yes, you may think little Liam is adorable, and no doubt he is, but your friends may think they’ve seen bit too much of him thank you very much!

  • 20% of Facebook users aren’t friends with their own mammy, which given the powerful position Irish mammies have in our lives, is surprising…ah, but then maybe it’s not. You don’t want your mammy seeing your drunken photos from the night before and having yet more reason to give out to you.

  • 40% of the Irish population will check the Facebook page of a possible date before actually meeting them in person. That’s right … it seems that ironing your best shirt and splashing the expensive aftershave is no longer enough for a young Irish fella to win over his girl. A thorough examination, and if necessary clean-up, of your online profile is now an essential part of preparation for a first date.

  • Much of the country also try to spice up online image, with 37% of Irish people said that they only visit Facebook when they are somewhere interesting. That’s why there are so many pictures of exciting events such as Robbie Keane scoring at Aviva Stadium or Beyoncé performing at the Odyssey Arena and very few which more accurately reflect our everyday, ordinary lives such as a nice shot of the office desk or a sink full of dishes.

  • 20% admitted that they only post things that make them seem exciting. It must be the other 80% that feel the need to let the world know that they’re ‘having a coffee’ or ‘eating a ‘panini’.

  • 38% of people can claim that they know and have met all of their Facebook friends in person, meaning that more than half are ‘friends’ with people they haven’t actually met.

  • 43% are online friends with at least five of their colleagues. Of course it is good to get on with the people you work with. In fact, 13% are even connected with their boss.

The survey threw up some interesting online behaviour of the Irish, but the results would probably be similar for most other nations. It is more interesting as an insight into the changing behaviour of people when it comes to social media.
Perhaps people are becoming more guarded about their online profiles. Nearly half of the people surveyed said that they don’t allow themselves to be tagged in images.
On the other hand, only 28% of people surveyed had read the Facebook terms and conditions suggesting most still view their online profile as a harmless source of communication and entertainment.