World champion Katie Taylor hits back at sexist comments

Katie Taylor - Ireland’s five time world champion hits back at sexist remarks from British boxer

Irish boxer Katie Taylor has hit back at sexist comments from a British fighter who said that a woman’s place was not in the ring but in the kitchen – and the bedroom!

Taylor is considered one of Ireland’s best ever sports people and has several world and European titles to her name.
However, as a female boxer, she has had to contend with chauvinistic attitudes from men at numerous times throughout her sporting life.
Katie Taylor - Ireland’s five time world champion hits back at sexist remarks from British boxer
Although it hasn’t often come from someone as well-known as world title contender Billy Joe Saunders, who really should know better with regards to what Taylor has had to sacrifice to reach the top.
Saunders was asked to give his opinions on women’s boxing in a recent interview. He said: “I think women are there for sex. Every night. Hard sex. Women’s there for cleaning, cooking, washing and sex.”
Interviewer Kugan Cassius then asked what he thought about Olympic and World Champion Taylor.
Saunders replied: “They’re not to put a headguard on and get punched in the face, although, I must say, Katie Taylor’s done extremely well and she once punched Frankie Gavin up in sparring.
“All jokes aside, that’s my opinion on women, but I’m just a sex maniac.”
Cassius reminded him that Taylor was Olympic champion while Saunders was beaten in the 2008 Beijing games.
Saunders said that he respected Taylor but didn’t think it was nice to see women “punching each other on the nose and face”.
After seeing the clip Taylor responded on Twitter:

There was plenty of support for Taylor on social media.

Luckily for Saunders, he will never have to share a ring with the women’s world champion.
However, one Irish person who will be able to punish Saunders for his comments is world champion Andy Lee.
Lee he is scheduled to fight Saunders for the world title in September at Thomond Park stadium, Limerick.
Take a look at the video below. Warning – very strong language.
Skip to 2.40 mins for Saunders’ comments on women’s boxing.