Colin Farrell lookalike unlucky in love

Colin Farrell lookalike

A Colin Farrell lookalike has revealed that his startling resemblance to the Hollywood star has hindered his search for love.
James Martin explained that although he might get plenty of female attention, all of his relationships have ended and he is “struggling to find a nice girl”.
Colin Farrell lookalike
Martin is 29 from London and worked full time as a Colin Farrell lookalike from 2010 to 2012. He still regularly gets mistaken for the Dublin actor, and has even enjoyed free nights out in top night clubs on the back of his looks.
However, far from helping him find the right woman, Martin explained that his looks have hindered him: “They (women) assume I’m a typical hell-raising womaniser, and some are weird about how much I look like Colin.”
Martin went on to reveal that he has also been left insecure at times: “Some women I don’t like, as they like Colin and I’m worried it’s not me they actually like.”
Despite his troubles, Martin is still hopeful he will find the perfect girl and settle down in the future.
He is still embracing his Farrell-like features, and continues to do occasional work as a lookalike. Unfortunately, the demand has dried up in recent years, since Farrell has switched from Hollywood blockbusters to television crime series True Detective.
Martin is full of admiration for Farrell. He said: “I think he is a great actor. I think he has been unlucky with some film choices, but I rate him for his choice as most films are sweet and good story-driven films.
“I don’t feel he is a glory hunter for the best action/glamour/vain type roles, which I respect. But, saying that, it hasn’t worked for his commercial image and fame. So I don’t really get much work as a lookalike for him really.
“I do the odd gig, maybe once every two months. It just depends if I have any plans or not. They pay about £400 (€570) per gig.”
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