Why dogs sniff each other’s backsides – charming story from grandfather to grandson

An Irish grandfather told his beloved grandson a charming story to explain one of the must-know facts about life; why dogs sniff each other backsides when they meet!

Five-year-old Edward O’Meara had been outside playing with his family dog Phoebe. He noticed that upon meeting another dog, Phoebe and her new friend acquainted themselves by sniffing each other’s behinds.

Like most children, Edward found this odd and wanted to know why they did it. When he returned home he asked his granddad, Ned Dillon to explain.

Why dogs sniff each other’s backsides – charming story from grandfather to grandson

The explanation was surprising and charming in equal measure, with Ned calmly telling his imaginative story while Edward climbed on him in his armchair.

The comical episode was recorded by Edward’s mother Paula, who found it so funny that she sent a copy of the video to breakingnews.ie.

She said that she had never heard Ned tell that story before, and that it was so fantastic she thought it should be shared.

Paula also added that Edward and Ned are “best buds”, and “do everything together”.

The heart-warming video of the family from Arklow, Co Wicklow has now been uploaded onto YouTube and will surely start to rack up the views and comments in the coming weeks.

Watch it for yourself below.

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