What would people miss most if they had to leave Ireland?

Video about what peop-le would miss most if they had to leave Ireland

For the first time in seven years there are more Irish people coming home to live in Ireland than leaving the country to start a new life elsewhere.
It’s great news for Irish families and communities, as well as the emigrants who often suffer from homesickness when they move to a new country.

The Irish Independent have taken to the streets of Dublin to ask people what they would miss most if they had to leave Ireland.
Video about what peop-le would miss most if they had to leave Ireland
The question brought a range of responses varying from the universal such as missing friends and family to the more individual such as the GAA sports games and the food and drink.
David Reilly, from Louth said: “Aside from people and family, it would probably be the whole community kind of feeling.
“Local GAA kind of vibe that you get, as opposed to a big city or being abroad, you don’t kind of get that of locality and knowing everyone and all that kind of thing.”
Dubliner Alan Kavanagh said: “I’d probably miss the food and drink in Ireland. I enjoy service here. I’ll miss pints with the lads.”
Donegal woman Lara Duffy would also miss the people: “I’d probably just miss you know, Dublin, strolling down Grafton Street, the craic just in general, just all the nice people.”
Ronan Miyachi from Foxrock added: “The events here, like St. Patrick’s Day – I’ve been away for St. Patrick’s Day and you do kind of miss the atmosphere that you do kind of get here.”
Blackrock man Taylor Whyte said: “I’d probably miss the personality. Like everyone’s in good spirits in Ireland. And going out and town and stuff, everyone’s in a good mood, there’s not much trouble.”
There were two big things that sporty Doireann Kavanagh of Wexford would miss: “Definitely GAA anyway.
“I think I’d miss being able to go out to the field with all my friends and play but probably mam’s cooking as well would be a big thing, because I think it’s only when you’re away you realise you can’t really cook for yourself.”
Michael Duffy from Donegal said: “I’d say the Irish kind of buzz, the positive attitude, the whole kind of banter or whatever.
“No matter where you go, even if you’re with your friends or whatever, just the good old buzz, the craic.”
Take a look at the video below.