Facebook is the top reason women cheat on their husband

Survey by IllicitEncounters.com names Facebook as one of the main reasons that people cheat on their husband or wife

Social media giant Facebook has been blamed for women cheating on their partners in a new survey – which also revealed whether men or women were more likely to forgive infidelity.
The survey was conducted by controversial website IllicitEncounters.com, which helps married people to have affairs.
The results of the survey come from questioning 1,000 Irish and British people who use the site.
Survey by IllicitEncounters.com names Facebook as one of the main reasons that people cheat on their husband or wife
It revealed that Facebook is the number one reason that women cheat on their partner, while it is the fifth most common reason given by men for their infidelity.
A key reason that Facebook features so highly is that it gives people a simple way of getting in touch with people from their past.
Other reasons that people cheat included that they met someone new, the opportunity arose or they fancied a change.
The most common reason for men to cheat was that they were bored of sex with their partner.
Women were better at hiding their affairs than men. The survey revealed that 52% of women said their husbands didn’t know they were having affairs, compared to 42% of men.
Women signed up to IllicitEncounters.com have an average of three dates each month through the site, while men have two.
Men are more likely to forgive their partner for having an affair. The survey said that 67% of men would forgive their partner and try to make their marriage work, compared to 52% of women.
It often depends on how the partner finds out they have been cheated on. If a wife admits to her husband that she has been unfaithful then she has an 82% chance of keeping the marriage alive.
However, if the husband catches her having an affair then there is only a 52% chance that the marriage will survive.
Women are less forgiving. If a husband confesses his infidelity to his wife, there is only a 68% chance that the marriage will survive. That falls to just 42% if the wife catches the husband being unfaithful.
Christian Grant of IllicitEncounters.com said: “The phrase hell hath no fury like a woman scorned really does seem to be rooted in fact.
“This new IllicitEncounters research shows that women really do react much more badly to cheating than men and that a husband’s adultery is more likely to end in divorce than a wife’s.
“Women are better at covering up their cheating than men and it clear that there are millions of husbands who have no idea about their wife’s illicit behaviour.”