Waterford Crystal helped JFK Jr win the heart of global icon Madonna

Madonna JFK Jr Photo copyright Olavtenbroek cc3

The son of a former US President used Waterford Crystal in a bid to win the heart of one of the world’s most glamorous women.

John F Kennedy Jr has an impressive collection of the Irish-made crystal glasses and would serve drinks in them during secret meetings with global star Madonna.

A new biography written by Christopher Andersen reveals details of the pair’s relationship, which began in 1988. Anderson says that Madonna felt a romance with JFK Jr would be ‘nothing less than cosmic’.

Madonna JFK Jr Photo copyright Olavtenbroek cc3

They would meet up after arriving separately to celebrity parties and would also meet in unexpected places such as the gym in order to avoid the media.

During a meeting at the Kennedy Hyannis Port estate near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, JFK Jr and Madonna would curl up by the fire and drink daiquiris from special Waterford Crystal glasses.

The glasses were engraved ‘Caroline’ and ‘John-John’ and were souvenirs from the family’s visit to Ireland in 1967.

It had been four years since JFK was assassinated and Jackie took the children on a private holiday for a month.

They stayed at Woodstown House in Co Waterford and went for walks along the beach. Jackie said that she was fulfilling her late husband’s wish to bring his family to Ireland after he had enjoyed his visit in June 1963 so much.

Almost three thousand miles to the West and more than two decades later, an adult JFK Jr and Madonna drank cocktails from the crystal glasses that the family took home from their holiday.

While, JFK Jr, was smitten with the iconic star, his mother Jackie disapproved.

Andersen writes: “There were many things about Madonna that rubbed Jackie the wrong way, not the least of which was her habit of thumbing her nose at Roman Catholic rituals. Across the globe she was being condemned as a heretic.”

Jackie also felt that Madonna tried to emulate Marylin Monroe – the sex symbol who had an affair with her husband.

Another provocative move from Madonna was to sign herself in the guest book at the Kennedys’ apartment as ‘Mrs Sean Penn’ – a reference to her estranged husband.

Actor Sean Penn confronted JFK Jr over the affair at a party in honour of Robert De Niro, according to Anderson’s book.

Kennedy went to introduce himself, only for Penn to say: “I know who you are. You owe me an apology.”

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Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling