Vikings or Celts – who is responsible for the red hair gene?

Michael Kehoe

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9 Responses

  1. Kyle J Dahl says:

    I thought DNA results have debunked the notion and theory that ‘we all came out of Africa’? My DNA results came up with 0% African, but did show less than 1% middle eastern; that alone would prove the area of Israel/Persia would have been the cradle of civilization and not Africa?

  2. Dianna Menke says:

    My mom and dad had red hair and had five children all with red hair. Their families are from Ireland and Scotland. Celtic ancestry has been their genetic history

  3. tayay says:

    im still not sure?

  4. Vicki Orr schalk says:

    Genetics show that blondes are actually the dilute outcome of red heads . just as brunettes are dilute of black hair people. Then all the other colorings come from mixes of those genes. So where ever red heads were there likely were blondes as well. Redheads were just the dominant gene. That’s why redheads and blondes are usually both fair skinned people no matter where they are from. We have many redheads in our family as well as some blondes. Black haired and brunette but also those who married and had parents brunette and blonde had blonde and brunette children. My husband mom was blonde her husband his father a Monahan was black haired. Husband was light blonde. But when older had red in sideburns and beard before shaving. I am golden blonde married my husband a blonde now dark blonde and my daughter was bright dark strawberry blonde..over years it turned more blonde. My son was dark haired at birth turning light blonde and now dark brown as adult.

  5. Seán Ó Riain says:

    If this were true, there would be a far higher proportion on red heads in Scandinavia than in Ireland and Scotland. Is there?

  6. Mike York says:

    I visited the Perm region in Russia as a chaperone for a group of American 10 to 12 year old folk dancers on a cultural exchange in 1996. I am a redhead of Scottish and Swedish descent. I was surprised by the number of redheads I saw in the Perm region. In fact, many people who came to see our kids perform would come up to me and speak to me in Russian assuming that because of my red hair I was a local guide for the group.

  7. Tim Sullivan says:

    If it were from the Vikings wouldn there be a large population of red heads in Russia?

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