Video of parents pranking son about Garth Brooks

Irish boy pranked by his parents

A charming video of two mischievous parents playing a prank on their music mad son has become an internet sensation.

Irish boy pranked by his parents
Cameron Cloke had his heart set on going to a Garth Brooks concert at Croke Park this summer. Unaware that his parents had already secured three tickets to the show, 10-year-old Cameron sat down at his laptop to check if his application had been successful.

His mum Donna had sent a false email to herself, posing as the show organisers.
She told Cameron to read the email aloud and recorded his reaction. Cameron’s disappointment is clearly visible in the video as he reads that his application had been unsuccessful.

However, his parents prompt him to scroll down the page as they try to stifle their laughter, and he reads that he is still in with a chance of landing the tickets so long as he follows certain rules.

Cameron’s expression changes from disappointment to confusion as he reads that he must make the tea, give mammy a foot rub twice daily and clean daddy’s car in order to get his tickets. Most important, to remember Mummy and Daddy love you and appreciate everything they do for you!

Now suspecting he is being wound up, but with still so much at stake, the poor boy doesn’t know how to react.
His parents again tell him to scroll down the page for him to read: “Actually, you have three tickets so go on and smile!”

Cameron then jumps up and gives his mum and dad a hug, before celebrating in front of the camera.
Donna told the Irish Mirror: “Cameron is over the moon we could get tickets. It took two hours and the page on the net kept closing. I felt so bad at the start but it was worth it for his reaction at the end. Bear in mind he is always pulling pranks!”

Watch the video here.