Mother shames son to save him from NekNomination

picture from Nikki Hunter
picture from Nikki Hunter

A desperate mother was so worried that the NekNomination craze might kill her son that she posted a picture of him on Facebook, unconscious and covered in his own vomit.

picture from Nikki Hunter

Nikki Hunter said she wanted to warn both him and others about the dangers.

Neknomination involves young people challenging each other to post videos of themselves drinking extreme amounts of alcohol.

Student Keiren Hunter accepted a challenge to drink a mixture of vodka, whisky sherry and Bacardi. He drank the equivalent of nearly three bottles of spirits. His mother Nikki later found him sprawled unconscious on the family sofa, covered in his own vomit.
She was terrified and thought he might die. She put him in the recovery position and watched over him in case he was sick again. She was so angry and upset that she nearly lost her son to such a dangerous craze that she decided to drastic action to bring him to his senses.

She took a photo of him as he lay unconscious and posted it on Facebook.

Nikki, who’s from East Lothian in Scotland, told the Irish Mirror: “I wanted other parents to know what what their kids are doing. It was horrendous – he could have died.

“I didn’t know if he was breathing so I checked him then put him on the floor in the recovery position.

“Then I dragged him into the bath and hosed him down and he just kept saying sorry mum.

“I gave him a talking to when he woke up this morning, and told him I’d put the picture on Facebook to embarrass him so he wouldn’t do it again.

“Other parents and kids need to know how dangerous this is.”

Nikki’s plight struck a chord with parents across the world. The photo has received thousands of shares with many people praising her for taking action.

Keiren said: “When I woke up I got a good telling off. I had a major hangover and a load of abuse on Facebook.
“I was really stupid, If I’d have known people had died from doing it then I wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

Dr Evelyn Gillan, Chief Executive, Alcohol Focus Scotland said: “This young man could have choked in his own vomit.

“This reinforces the urgent need to stop this dangerous craze.
NekNomination has caused the death of at least one young person in Ireland and several more across the world.