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Vatican unveil ‘eRosary’ bracelet to appeal to younger generation of Catholics

The Vatican has developed an electronic prayer device to appeal to the younger generation of Catholics.

The gadget is known as an ‘eRosary’ bracelet and costs around €100.

It can be used to help people with their daily prayers with an app from Click to Pray. The app includes audio and special visual contents.


It tracks a user’s progress and offers three different ways of praying; standard rosary, a contemplative rosary or a thematic rosary.

It comes in a sleek design and features 10 black agate and hematite rosary beads and a silver ‘smart cross’.

The smart cross detects movement, allowing users to activate the bracelet by making the sign of the cross.

The Click to Pray website states: “Bridging tradition to modernism by simple lines and curves – this is our design philosophy.

“Black agate and hematite beads are combined with a neatly finished cross, symbolising the ever enduring human faith.”

As well as helping with prayer, the bracelet can also be useful in helping users to lead more healthy lifestyles.

Pope Francis had previously been critical of people who wear crucifixes as a fashion accessory. In 2018, he said religious symbols should be contemplated and understood rather than commercialised.

He told followers at St Peter’s Square: “The crucifix is not an ornamental object or a clothing accessory which is sometimes abused.

“The image of Jesus crucified reveals the mystery of the death of the Son as the supreme act of love, the source of life and salvation for humanity of all times.

To find out more visit the Click to Pray website.

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