#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish is sweeping across Twitter

#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish is sweeping across Twitter

One of the latest trends to sweep across Twitter is #ThatFilmThinksItsIrish and it has readers laughing away at each other’s ideas, and scratching their heads to come up with one of their own.
The rules seem fairly simple. Take a famous film and tweak the name to give it an Irish feel.
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish is sweeping across Twitter
It is not as easy as you might think. The new name has to be close enough to the original so that it is still recognisable as a famous movie, but also with the Irishness added to it to make people laugh.
Some of the best ones on Twitter at the moment include:
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Belfast & the Furious
Top of The Morning Vietnam #ThatFilmThinksItsIrish
When paddy met Mary #ThatFilmThinksItsIrish
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Meet The Feckers
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish The Life Of O’Brien
Jameson The Giant Peach #ThatFilmThinksItsIrish
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Bill & Father Teds Excellent adventure
To be sure to be sureshank redemption #ThatFilmThinksItsIrish
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Can’t abort a boy

Here are some of the not so good ones out there, but hey, it’s not easy and we applaud all for taking part.
#thatfilmthinksitsirish Men Who Stare At Paddy Mcginty’s Goats
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Lock Stock and Two Colin Farrell’s
The Craggy Island of Dr Maureau #ThatFilmThinksItsIrish
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Absolute Be Guinness
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Jurassic cork
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Dingle white female
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Killarney Bill
The Prince of Eejit #ThatFilmThinksItsIrish
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Leprechaun Of The Dead
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Eire spray
#ThatFilmThinksItsIrish Paddy Day Care!

Written by Andrew Moore