Barman’s gravity defying trick with pints of Guinness

New Jersey bartender shows off gravity defying trick with pint of Guinness

A bartender in New Jersey, USA, has created a stir online after a video of him flipping pints of Guinness in the air has gone viral.

Russell Donnelly works at Finnegan’s Pub in Hoboken and delighted customers with a flamboyant and gravity defying display of skills.

He lined up three pints of Guinness on the bar and placed a beer mat on top of the first glass. He then picked up the glass and threw it in the air so it flipped upside down before catching it on the way down.

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New Jersey bartender shows off gravity defying trick with pint of Guinness

Incredibly the beer mat stayed on the top of the pint glass and not a drop of the black stuff was spilt.

To prove it was no fluke, he then repeated the trick with the other two pints.

While his flair may impress many, it is sure to split opinion as many purists insist on their pint being poured a certain way.

According to Guinness themselves it takes 119.5 seconds to pour a perfect pint. There are rules to the process which include the angle the glass is held as the drink pours (45°) and that the drink is to be poured in two separate stages.

Throwing the drink in the air is not part of Guinness’ official instructions.

Russell didn’t seem to mind as he downed one of the pints at the end of the video.

Take a look below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling