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The History of Ireland in just Six Minutes – great video from Irish teacher

An Irish schoolteacher has created a brilliant YouTube video explaining the history of Ireland in just six minutes.

John D Ruddy, of Co Donegal, is the creative force behind the film, which makes learning both fun and engaging for children and also adults.

The History of Ireland in just Six Minutes - great video from Irish teacher

The video is one of a series of educational films on history. Ruddy has also created videos teaching about the American War of Independence, the French Revolution and the Cuban Missile Crisis. His video on World War One has been viewed more than a million times.

All videos feature Manny Mann, the animated character that morphs from one historical figure to another as the stories are told.

The History of Ireland covers the major events that have taken place on the island from start to finish.

Ireland has a complicated and deep history that even the most knowledgeable historians can struggle to explain in simple terms.

However, Ruddy’s video does seem to do it.

It begins with the construction of ancient monuments like Newgrange. It then covers St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity, the Viking invasion, the Norman invasion, Oliver Cromwell, the Famine, the Easter Rising, Michael Collins, the independent Republic and the Troubles in Northern Ireland – all in six minutes!

Ruddy describes himself as an artist, actor and an educator on his YouTube page.

His video will be shown at a FÉILTE 2015 (The Irish Teaching Council) exhibition later this year.

Take a look for yourself.

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  1. Hey Anonymous, pull your head out of the sand. Not only was Saint Brigit the Irish goddess Brigid, but most of our Christian customs come from pagan rituals and religion (one example, Mistletoe). Read your history right and you will know.

  2. Historically inaccurate, and anti Christian (as boring usual). Saint Brigid is a saint. She is not some pretend person they substituted some fake goddess with. These atheist agenda pushing educators are the type of people we allow to teach our children.

  3. I loved it,Congratulations on work well done

  4. Simplified version but enjoyable. More for adults than for children as so fast moving. Would be better without the background noise.

  5. Love the film it was really good and informative but unfortunately on the famine you didn’t mention the English part in this as they let us die
    Good overall though

  6. Why, oh why.. was education not like this… if not..it should be…. 10 years of my educational history rolled into 6 minutes. = Awesome! = +1

  7. Your video has many facts, the one thing I found I did not like was the rapid pace of events finding it difficult to comprehend, especially for children.

  8. Great video. One objection. The silly background sounds were distracting.

  9. Ann Panayotonacou

    WOW! That is brilliant, not only for children but also for us adult Irish oversees, who are constantly asked about the history of Ireland. It’s so long and complicated that many times I, as well as many others avoid it. Now, we can easily use this video to spread the History of Ireland. A million thanks for such a brilliant idea, which I believe every child in school will love and LEARN, finally!!!! Keep up the good work!!

  10. Thomas Patrick O'Shaughnessy

    A great trailer for a lead in to other films & documentaries.

  11. fantastic work really worth watching

  12. Fantastic – give kids a peephole into irish history

  13. Unreal!!! Wonderfully informative,creative & witty production that holds a person’s attention…congratulations on your super great work!!

  14. I enjoy your daily posts they are brillient.

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