Take a video tour of €2million historic Irish tower

A video tour of an ancient Dublin tower is available to view, as the owner is looking to sell the property for €2million.

Video tour of €2million historic Irish tower
Bartra Martello was one of 28 towers built along the Dublin coastline in the early 19th century. The British were concerned about a potential invasion by Napoleon, and built the towers to strengthen their defences.
Bartra Martello is one of the 16 towers that are still standing today, and one of only two that are in private residential use.
Simone Stephenson began renovating the tower in 2006. The property has been transformed into a glamorous one bedroom home, with the inside as luxurious as the outside is historic.
Stephenson grew up near to the tower on her family’s estate, and explained she wanted to maintain the history and character of Bartra Martello: “We tried to keep the integrity of the structure and every original element.”
The renovation has delightfully intertwined the original structure with modern facilities. The electrical and plumbing are neatly concealed within the two and a half metre thick stone walls. The rooftop offers 360 degrees of stunning views of Dalkey Island and the outskirts of Dublin. The space which would’ve have formerly been used for cannon fire at enemies, is now a built in rooftop barbecue.
Bartra Martello was built with a gap in the arch that spans over the main door. This was so boiling oil could be dropped on to unwelcome visitors from the rooftop, but has now been replaced with a glass window to view the property’s entrance.
These modern twists are found all over the tower, and the military historian and Martello expert, Bill Clements, has called the Bartra Martello an outstanding example of an appropriate conversion
Stephenson is confident it will become a dream home for someone, although that someone will need to be able to match the €2million asking price.
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