Charming Irish children on love – hilarious!

What is love?

Children on the TV show 'School Around the Corner'
Well for some children in Ireland it can be a roller-coaster that could start with having a lovely meal in a restaurant but end with getting your heart broken.
Irish TV series, School Around The Corner, has been asking schoolchildren for their opinions on many subjects and in one clip they were asked to tackle the subject of love.
The question had many of the five-year-olds giggling and hiding their faces while others said they had already been in relationships but had dumped their other halves. Another said he had a girlfriend but didn’t want to say who it was.
Check out the video below to see some of the answers the children gave.

Elsewhere on the show the children were asked if they could recognise photographs of famous people such as President Michael D. Higgins and the Queen of England.
Many were able to recognise the Queen and were impressed that she could order people to make her a cup of tea.
However, President Higgins wasn’t so well known with some of the kids thinking he might be the Pope or even God!