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Stunning Britain’s Got Talent performance from 80-year-old woman

After a quick delve into the Britain’s Got Talent archives we have discovered another stunning singer that somehow never made it to the top.

Janey Cutler, aged 80, needed presenter Ant McPartlin to help her walk out on to the middle of the Glasgow stage so that she could perform in front of judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan on the 2010 series of the show.

She explained to them that she was 80 years old, and had always liked to sing. She has decided to audition after being encouraged to do so by her friend.
The audience waited in apprehension, not sure what to expect from the Glasgow pensioner.

Stunning Britain's Got Talent performance from 80-year-old woman

She then burst into song with a terrific rendition of the Édith Piaf classic No Regrets, that had the audience in raptures and the judges on their feet.

Once the audience applause had finally died down Piers Morgan asked her: “Where have you been?”

Amanda Holden added: “I did not expect you to have a set of lungs on you like that! It was just spectacular!”

Before her performance, the retired cleaner had explained in her back story that: “I like singing and my friends told me to go for it, better late than never.

I’ve had a great life, seven kids, hard times but the happiest days of my life.”

The viewers were also told that aswell as being a mother of seven, Janey is a grandmother of 13 and a great-grandmother of four. The song choice was clearly a fitting one for Janey, and she did herself and her family proud.

Delighted with the outstanding performance, Simon Cowell asked: “How many years have you waited to do that?” To which Janey replied: “I’m just happy to be here to tonight!”

She then got the three ‘Yes’s’ from the thrilled judges.

Watch the stunning performance below.

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  1. Michael Higgins

    Man `O Man…I`m only 60 now but if I could sound like that in 20 years I say ” Bring It On ” !! outstanding Lady.

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