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Young busker performs beautiful duet with ‘random guy’

A young busker performed a beautiful duet with a ‘random guy’ on the streets of Cork.

Sophie Healy sings with the Cork Academy of Popular Music and has been busking for the past few months.

Young busker performs beautiful duet with ‘random guy’

She was just finishing up for the day when a random man asked her if she would sing the hit Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper song Shallow, from the movie A Star is Born.

Sophie agreed, and the two performed a beautiful rendition of the Oscar winning song on Oliver Plunkett Street.

A video of the performance is gathering momentum online.

Sophie, who is only 13, told Cork Beo: “I was just about to do my last song and I’d already done a bit of a duet with another busker called Bubba Shakespeare when this random guy came up to me out of nowhere and asked me could I sing Shallow with him.

“I’d never performed Shallow before so it was a big risk but it’s taken off in a huge way on my Instagram.

“We eventually found out that the guy was from Germany and his name is Dave.

“It’s the first time that anything like this has happened while I’ve been out busking. I’ve seen some of my friends approached by strangers to sing before but it had never happened to me before until last week.”

There is also a possibility that the video could yet be seen by Lady Gaga herself, who is one of Sophie’s idols.

She explained: “A cousin of mine lives in Australia and they have a cousin in Los Angeles who is part of Lady Gaga’s team and apparently, they’re going to show Lady Gaga the video when she’s performing there in a couple of months.”

Take a look for yourself below.

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