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Sonder Ireland film will have you bursting with pride

Ireland is famous as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Now, an incredible video has been produced by Irish media company Sonder that captures the country in all its glory, both for its land and its people.
Throughout the film, there are stunning images taken of some of Ireland’s most picturesque landmarks. The audio features various Irish people talking about what being Irish means to them, and why they are so proud of their country.Sonder Ireland film will have you bursting with pride
All aspects of Irish life are mentioned, from Barry’s Tea to the Blarney Stone, and from Newgrange to the Ploughing Championships. There is also talk about the political history of Northern Ireland, with different generations giving their experiences. The commentators also speak about the sacrifices made by Irish people of the past, and the pride that gives them.
One man says: “You can’t drive far in Ireland without seeing some sort of medieval castle or some very old ruin or ringfort or something to look at and there’s always a sense of history around the place.”
The video is a must-see for anyone who loves Ireland. Whether you live in Dublin or Dubai, Limerick or London, Cork or California, this video will make you proud to be Irish and have you longing to go back.
Pride, sadness, joy, emigrating, coming back, sports, politics, attitudes, history, music, weather, the craic… it seems as if everything is covered in the film. How did they fit it all into 8 minutes?
Great credit must go to the producers at Sonder Visual, Sarah Fitzgerald and Theo Jebb.
They plan to create 28 films over the next twelve months, one for each of the countries in the European Union, so that all their beauty and qualities can be showcased to the world.
What better place to start than home in Ireland. Take a look at the fantastic video.

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  1. Dreamed of visiting for many many years. My dream came true and I am just wanting to go back. This film is perfect….Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sorry for theinterruption- my phone seems to decide the end of my posts……
    As if it we’re myself that just leftlast week! Gorgeous scenery, fantastic voice overs. I am honored to know a fair amount of this generation’s emigrants, and most would probably tell me your film was just the tip of the iceburg.
    I want to thank you, this visual feast has been thoroughly enjoyed, and makes me wish my family never left.even so,.I’m sure they had their reasons.

  3. I am American- Irish, not sure how many generations( for some reason one ever talked about it-at least my grandparents-so my Dad & his brothers and sisters didn’t, except to poke us in the shoulder while saying” DON’T EVER FORGET YOU’RE IRISH!” Don’t think the greats ever discussedit either, the few great aunts and uncles that I knew never). I’ve prefaced all this just to tell yathat your film made me cry, as if I had personallyleft it

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