Colin Farrell narrates Easter Rising centenary guided tour

Michael Kehoe

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3 Responses

  1. Danny Sellers says:

    As a British army medic l have to admit my abmeration for the solders of lreland who took up there flag and seek independence for Ireland they stood proud and bravely for there beliefs as l stated l served in the British army l was in the medical corps and would treat anyone regardless off race creed or colour just from one soldier to another l admired the Irish army with ref the uprising and what happened to the leader’s and survivors was totally wrong jail maybe hanging or shot was unjustified

  2. Roz DeLuca says:

    Thank you all for this wonderful learning experience. Irish history is a void in American History books while UK is glorified for conquering the world. I researched Irish history in college and was distressed by the willful abuses and carnage inflicted on our people for 800+ years. Hence, I’ve developed an aversion to all things English -including their intrusion into our film / entertainment industries. I refuse to watch any program with English headliners…with the exception of music (a universal language).
    Your work is deeply appreciated. Thank you all, again.
    Roseann Reilly (DeLuca)

  3. richard mcginn says:

    Love the post.

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