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Singing Irish barman is an internet sensation

Remember when this video of an Irish music loving barman went viral as people across the world were enchanted by his easy going style and great singing voice.

John Horgan, of the Crossroads Bar in Knockavilla, Co Cork was flimed by customer Tony Sheehan as he was working behind the bar.

Video of singing Irish barman

Mr Horgan was singing the classic song Bright Blue Eyes by Jimmy MacCarthy. He didn’t miss a note as he casually continued his work behind the bar pouring pints and serving customers.

The video was featured in much of the mainstream media in Ireland including the Irish mirror and Irish examiner.

Mr Horgan is a great reminder of the characters that have made Irish pubs so fondly thought of all over the world. The video won him many new fans from across the world.

StepmaniaRocky said: “Amazingly done, was a pleasure listening to your voice. Thanks from British Columbia, Canada!”

Kieran O Connell added: “nice one from a fellow Corkman in Boston.”

Frater Illuareus said: “I don’t even drink but I’m taking a shot with that guy if I ever see him”

Take a look at the video below. Click here for 8 reasons the Irish pub is the number one tourist attraction

Update – John Horgan has now recorded the song for charity click here to listen to the single

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  1. Oh how i long to visit ireland again.beautiful country,friendly people. Love everything about ireland&may i be granted the oppertunity to visit ireland again.those who haven’t been to ireland,must do so.

  2. They were called “tinkers” at one time!!

  3. “Bright Blue Rose,” not “Bright Blue Eyes.” But anyway…brilliant.

  4. Amazing voice brill X. Want to go to this pub Could listen to his voice all day x

  5. Love it! Irish people are wonderful! Hope you get all that very soulful music out to all of us! Very beautiful. Best of ” LUCK” all the way from Albany, Georgia, USA

  6. What a beautiful voice. Would love to see him on television. Love the Irishness of his voice and so easy to listen to. Well done John Horgan.

  7. Judena Sutherland

    Fantastic singer…..Very typical of a night in a pub in Ireland!!! Hope all my fellow Irish Canadians enjoy this…I sure did!!

  8. margaret schefke

    I enjoyed this young man’s performance–I’m smiling with tears in my eyes.

  9. He has a beautiful voice; could listen to him all day. Did he get a recording contract?

  10. Very beautiful great guy .

  11. Nancy Kelly-Bushly

    Absolutely beautiful. Loved it.

  12. A warm welcome from Shingle Springs, California

  13. Making me home sick!! Fantastic & effortless what a talent!!

  14. ken owen /olaughlin

    reminded me of my mom beautifull

  15. What a truly beautiful, soulful voice you have! I hope to one day travel there to take in the beauty and magic that is Ireland! Your voice has traveled all the way to Ontario, Canada!! Keep singing….

  16. Crossroads Bar in Knockavilla, County Cork. Says in the first paragraph. Easy to miss, though.

  17. David Quinn greenway

    Like an angel

  18. Been to Ireland twice….twice will never be enough…this kind of magic really does happen…the people, the culture, the landscape is pure magic!

  19. Very enjoyable, I would like to hear him sing other songs

  20. Lovely singer but a little dip when he opened till to give change- has his priorities right

  21. This is typical of a lot of pubs in Ireland. This man has a great voice .Makes me feel proud to be Irish

  22. What a beautiful voice, very melodic and warm. Would really enjoy a night in that pub

  23. Beautiful voice. Brought tears to my eyes.

  24. Brilliant voice well done proud to be irish

  25. Mairead Nic Ruairi

    Beautiful song.Great singer.



  27. What a great voice. This guy really shows the magic of the Irish spirit

  28. OMG!! I have wanted to go to Ireland since I learned about it, Going to Ireland has always been at the top of my bucket list, the Blarney stone has always fascinated me. I always knew my Mom’s mom was from Ireland but have recently found out the name that is associated with my Mother, and am wanting to go even more, then I come upon this fabulous video of the singing Bartender, from an Irish Pub, it has only made that longing even stronger, This would be a destination that would be in my list of TO SEE!! thank you for posting this wonderful video, he has a fabulous voice

  29. From the Philippines this made me long for a pint in an Irish pub. No draught G or M here sadly but might persuade my local to play it on theit TV as I sip a local brew. Well done Corkman and all Irish pubs that have given us all such fond memories.

  30. Imelda Mc Namara

    Love the way he kept on working as he sang, What a great voice and a lovely song,

  31. Great—Whats the name of the Tavern, he is currently being a Mixologist / Singer at. Thanks

  32. Sharon Frizell

    fantastic voice , we need more bartenders like him

  33. Lorraine Donnelly Lopes

    Lovely singing!!! On my bucket list; a trip to Ireland!!

  34. Patricia Burke

    amazing voice! Couldn’t help but notice what appears to be Jameson on “tap”

  35. Awesome Job John Horgan. I wish my coworkers sang as well as you..

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