Singer has message for politicians over water charge

One Irish musician has a message for the politicians who want to start charging for water. Robbie Dunn, who is based in Australia, has composed his own song and uploaded a video on to YouTube. The name of the song?

“You can shove your water meters up you’re a**e!”

Irish singer has message for politicians over water charge
Many will feel that Dunn has captured the sentiments of the nation completely.
The proposed water tax has been the source of many heated debates. Ireland is the first country to get hit by numerous storms and rainclouds carried in from the Atlantic Ocean so there is no natural shortage of water, and yet the government want to charge for it. A recent survey revealed that one in five people had no intention of paying the tax.
The video starts with Dunne discussing the issue to two of his Australian friends, before bursting into song to explain.
Watch Dunne’s video below.