Shane MacGowan’s wife speaks about difficulties of looking after the star

Shane MacGowan's wife speaks about difficulties of looking after the star

Shane MacGowan’s wife has spoken openly about the difficulties she faces in looking after the Pogues star in an emotional social media post.

Victoria Mary Clarke married the Dublin rocker in 2018 and has had to care for her husband as he has struggled with illness.

It is no secret that years of alcohol abuse has taken its toll on MacGowan and he is a shadow of his former self.

Clarke opened up about the challenges she has faced in caring for her husband, and how she has struggled with the emotional side of things.

The journalist took to Instagram to post an honest letter to her followers.

She began by saying: “A lot of the time I feel guilty about not doing enough for Shane, not being superhuman not having enough energy, not being able to heal him or even always be sweet and kind to him.”

The post will strike a chord with thousands of people who are responsible for providing the necessary care for their loved ones, even if they don’t have the required training or resources to do so.

Clarke continued: “And sometimes his needs trigger resentment and anger in me, and then I feel guilty about not being high vibrational and not being full of love and light and joy and positivity.”

The comments shine a light on the difficulties that can be faced by care-givers, as they attempt to maintain a positive support for their loved ones, while often neglecting their own emotional needs in the process.

MacGowan’s wife went on to say: “It’s not easy to accept that I just am what I am, and I am trying my best. I think that a lot of people can feel this way? Unable to find our own joy and radiance and energy because we are overwhelmed by the needs of the people we love.”

Clarke has received great support and praise for her post. To open up and speak publicly about such personal challenges is not a common occurrence for people, particularly from those in the limelight.

MacGowan fell and injured his knee earlier this year, and that has only added to his care needs as his also suffers ill health.

However, Clarke ended her post with a positive note, writing: “The angels are inviting us now to get more compassionate with ourselves and more accepting of our feelings and more willing to do whatever we need to do to get back in touch with our own needs and find what lights us up and energises us and fills our cup until it is overflowing and abundant and we are not being eaten alive and drained by our relationships.”

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