Dublin pub boss shares great idea for coming out of lockdown

pub in Ireland

A pub manager in Dublin has made a suggestion for how he thinks pubs should be used when they reopen after lockdown ends.

It is an idea that has won him a huge amount of praise on social media.

Ireland is currently under level five restrictions at least until Easter, which means no pubs, no retail shopping, no going further than 5km from your home, and not much else.

However, with the restrictions to be reviewed in the coming weeks, many people are thinking about finally being able to meet up with friends in the pub, just like in the good old days.

When that happens, it is almost certain that customers will only be able to sit in an outdoor area of a pub, as that is far safer than several people being cooped up and breathing the same air inside.

This gave Noel Anderson – managing director of The Bridge 1859 and the Lemon & Duke in Dublin- a great idea.

Noel tweeted: “If hospitality is to start outdoors wouldn’t it be great if the inside was used for the vaccinated elderly.

“It would give them all a welcome change and also help the business survive and rebuild. A win win.

“I would think by the time outside is a runner the over 55s would be well vaccinated by then and also why wouldn’t we include front line workers also? Starting point ?”

The heavy level five restrictions have been hard on everyone, with the elderly possibly suffering even more than most due to the fear that comes with knowing that the virus is most dangerous to their age group.

It would certainly be nice for them to have the option of sitting inside the pub particular on a colder day.

As Noel said, the idea would have several benefits with businesses being able to increase their potential capacity and provide a much needed boost to their revenues.

The government hopes that 80% of adults will have received their first dose of the vaccine by June.


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