Sculptor pays tribute to Choctaw generosity during the Irish Famine

Michael Kehoe

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11 Responses

  1. Jim Winchell says:

    I was born in Kansas to French and Irish ancestors who emigrated in the 1800’s to America. Successful dairy farming in the northeast part of Kansas provided decent, honest, hard-working lives (my great grandmother could still lift a bale of hay at 75) the likes of which are long gone here in America. Thank you for demonstrating a love for one another, as Christ commanded, and as America has failed at miserably. And we are now going to suffer for the “sins of our fathers.” America’s elite and their murderous greed have effectively destroyed our democracy and our representative government. God Speed Ireland…Amen.

  2. Brenda King says:

    Makes me proud to be part Choctaw, Alabama Choctaw.

  3. Rhea A. Mahaney ( née Grant) says:

    We seem to forget what we did to the Native Americans, taking their land by force. Shame!

  4. k ay donnelly says:

    a lovely thank you for a lovely gesture. In an age focused on sound bites and appearance this is precious indeed.

  5. k donnelly says:

    a lovely thank you for a lovely gesture. In an age focused on sound bites and appearance this is precious indeed.

  6. Henry McCambridge says:

    Documentation and history has proven that there was Never a Famine in Ireland
    The British just wanted the Irish People off the land that they INVADED at any price

  7. Helaina Hinson says:

    My dad’s family was among those Choctaws….marched out of Mississippi on the Trail of Tears…grandmother on mother’s side did not survive that journey…. Thank you to my Irish brothers and sisters for this incredible tribute. Bright Blessings!

  8. John Kennedy says:

    True blood brothers the Choctaw Nation

  9. Elano Ross says:

    Not much has changed since that time. The English still looking after their own interests and not the interests of their ‘subjects’

  10. Emme Daley says:

    I am also a Welch ( paternal grandmother), but my people landed in Connecticut.
    I believe it was the English who should have protected their “subjects” during the Great Famine. Instead, they exported all of the good crops to feed the English, leaving our people to starve. Those in charge were all English or Angol-Irish. Sad comment on man’s inhumanity to man!

  11. Janet Stollmaier says:

    This is a truly beautiful tribute to those that helped victims of the terrible famine in Ireland. My ancestors the Fitzgeralds, Burns, Doyles, and Welsh families left and came to Kentucky because of the famine. Ireland should have done more to protect its people. Sad part of history.

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