The Irish might love their parents, but they aren’t so good at saying it

The Irish might love their parents, but they aren’t so good at saying it

The Irish are not usually shy about expressing themselves, except it seems when it comes to emotions.

Telling someone that you love them is not always the easiest thing to do, and certainly something that us Irish seem to struggle with, particularly with our parents.

The Irish might love their parents, but they aren’t so good at saying it

Most mothers can are more than happy to tell their children that they love them on a daily basis. Fathers maybe a little more hesitant, but generally are also comfortable to tell their kids they love them.

It is the reverse we have a problem with.

The study found that 28% of Irish people have never told their dad that they love them, and 15% have never said it to their mams.

Why do people find this so difficult? These were several common explanations from the survey.

‘I’m embarrassed to say how I feel’

‘I assume they know how I feel about them’

‘I tend to wait for big occasions like birthdays or anniversaries’

‘My family don’t really talk about this kind of thing’

‘I’m no good with words’

Interflora Brand Manager Erica Nicholson explained the importance of letting your loved ones know how you feel.

She said: “There’s a stereotype that we all have a stiff upper lip when it comes to showing our emotions, and we often avoid doing it altogether.

“However, as our research shows, people are desperate to be told they are loved by the people closest to them. Not only that, but there are tangible benefits to both parties when it comes to sharing a heart-felt sentiment, not least when it comes to our happiness and self-esteem.

“We understand the importance of showing someone you’re thinking of them and how much you care – we’ve been helping people to do just that for almost a century.

“Whether it’s a grand gesture, a birthday celebration, a simple thank you to a friend, or even ‘just because’; it’s so important to translate that thought into action and send more love to family and friends – it really could mean the world to them!”

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