Irish dancer and guitar player steal the show on Grafton Street

Irish dancer and guitar player steal the show on Grafton Street

An Irish dancer and a guitar player performed a great routine when busking on the streets of Dublin and the video is proving to be a massive hit online.

Dancer Ryan Kelly stood in the centre of Grafton Street and riled up the gathering crowd with a series of short steps as a little taster to show what they had in store.

Irish dancer and guitar player steal the show on Grafton Street

He was accompanied by Jordan O’ Leary who sat with his guitar and provided the music.

Both men took their time to get some energy into their audience demanding participation to help create the perfect atmosphere.

Soon enough the performers had drawn a significant crowd and showed off their skills with a great routine.

Kelly danced and tapped his way around the concrete stage while O’Leary sat and played his guitar expertly to add some music for the crowd to clap along to.

The performance was full of infectious energy from both men, and the video has been viewed and shared thousands of times already online.

Grafton Street has long been the go-to place for performers and buskers wanting to raise their profile and earn a few Euros by entertaining the locals and visitors.

Many talented musicians began their careers busking on the streets of Ireland before going on to achieve great success. Youngster Allie Sherlock is one of the most famous names of Grafton Street in recent years. Her stunning voice and performances were so talked about she was invited to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show in the USA.

Teenage brothers Sean and Conor Price are another act that have gained recognition after learning their trade on Grafton Street. They auditioned for the X Factor and wowed Simon Cowell with their modern version of the classic rock track All Along the Watchtower.

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