Mrs Brown’s Boys actor has no ill feeling towards his former co-stars

Mrs Brown’s Boys actor has no ill feeling towards his former co-stars

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Rory Cowan has revealed he is no longer in touch with the rest of the cast of the hit show, but it is not because he parted on bad terms.

Cowan, who played Rory in the show, made a shock exit in 2017 because he wanted to spend time with his mother who was ill. Sadly, she passed away later that year.

Mrs Brown’s Boys actor has no ill feeling towards his former co-stars

He told the Sunday Independent: “I don’t keep in touch with the people I worked with on Mrs Brown’s Boys. Not because I left on bad terms. It’s like anybody who changes jobs. You leave and you just don’t see the old work mates you used to work with.

“I got lovely texts from all at Mrs Brown’s Boys when my mother died and I get texts from Brendan every few months saying there are repeat fees from the TV series going into my account, but that’s it really. But I wish them all the best and I’d imagine they wish the same for me. But we don’t see each other anymore. That’s the same in any job really.”

Cowan certainly has no bad feeling towards the Mrs Brown Boys team, and admits his career “wouldn’t have been as fabulous” if he had never met Brendan O’Carroll.

The Dublin actor now has a role on Ireland’s most famous soap opera Fair City, and says he is delighted to have landed such a prestigious show.

Cowan said: “The other cast members gave me a lovely welcome when I called in to see them. I feel right at home in Carrigstown. I’m delighted with the move there.

“Besides, if you’re going to join a show, after you’ve been in a huge TV show already, then what’s better than joining the biggest drama series on Irish television.”

Like most people in Ireland, Cowan has fond memories watching the dramas unfold in Fair City throughout his life.

He said: “Since the very beginning, thirty years ago, yes I have been a fan. But for a good few years, when I was touring the world with Mrs Brown’s Boys, I lost touch with what was happening in Carrigstown.

“But when I left Mrs Brown’s Boys to care for my mother, who had dementia, I got back into watching it again.

“Myself and my Ma used to watch the omnibus on Sunday afternoons. I’ve lovely memories of those Sundays with my Mam watching Fair City.”

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