Irish star Barry Keoghan says a prayer to his mother before big auditions

Lucy Kennedy and Barry Keoghan

Irish star Barry Keoghan said he always says a prayer to his mother before going for an important audition.

In an emotional interview, the Dunkirk star spoke about his memories of his mother who passed away when he was just 12.

Following her death, Keoghan and his brother Eric were taken into foster care. They lived in 13 different foster homes before moving in with their aunt Lorraine and grandmother Patricia.

The 26-year-old star made the comments as he appeared on the show Living With Lucy.

He told Lucy Kennedy that he knows his mother would be proud to see how his career is developing.

He said: “Before every audition I say a little prayer because you want that little push before you go in.

“I have great memories of her, she was gorgeous. She was 6ft, long black hair, that’s where I get my looks sure.

“I really do feel it. I believe she’s here with me through this journey, the good times and the bad.”

Keoghan also paid tribute to his auntie and grandmother for taking him and his brother in and raising them after their time in the foster homes.

He said: “It’s all about my family. My nanny and my auntie, they have been a huge part of my life, taking me in from foster care.

“They fought for us, there was a lot of work involved to get us. When they took us in they looked after us very, very well.

“Lorraine is like a mother. Then you have my sister, Gemma, who gave up work for me and my brother.”

It wasn’t easy for the family as the five of them shared a two bedroom apartment in Dublin.

Keoghan continued: “Gemma had to go into the room with my nanny and Lorraine and Eric and I had the other room.

“She was only young when we moved in, she gave up everything. I love them for that.”

He also had plenty of praise for his partner Shona Guerin, who he credits with making his the man he is today.

He said: “I would be lost without her. She reads a lot of scripts with me as well. She’s great.

“I wouldn’t be the man that I am, I would still be a kid.

“I can be moody, and she just picks me right back up. She’s the girl I want to be with for the rest of my life.”

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