Home Lifestyle Ronan Keating says many babies are conceived to his music

Ronan Keating says many babies are conceived to his music

Ronan Keating says many babies are conceived to his music

Irish music star Ronan Keating claims his music has been responsible for countless conceptions and says his 1999 global hit When You Say Nothing At All is his biggest baby-making number.

The former Boyzone star revealed he is often asked to sing at fans’ weddings, and also told that several babies have been conceived to his songs.

Ronan Keating says many babies are conceived to his music. Photo copyright SuperDopeBass CC3

The Dubliner said: “I get a lot people coming up to me and saying they got engaged to my music or their baby was conceived to a song.

“When You Say Nothing At All seems to have that effect on people – there’s a lot of children conceived to that song! That also seems to be picked a lot for first dances at weddings.”

When You Say Nothing At All was a mega hit for Keating in 1999, when he was working as a solo artist after the split of Boyzone.

The song was on the soundtrack to romantic comedy Notting Hill which starred Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Both the song and the movie were hugely successful and fed off each other’s popularity.

Keating revealed he takes great pride when he is invited to be a part of such an important day for people: “I’m bloody proud about that, too right, it’s fantastic privilege to have that sort of effect on people’s lives.

“You never know, I’ve sung at a couple of weddings already. I do get people who call up and ask if you’ll sing at their wedding or whatever.”

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Getting a special celebrity guest to perform at weddings is not unusual to Keating, as last year he persuaded his showbiz pal Ed Sheeran to sing at his special day as he married Australian TV producer Storm Uechtritz.

Keating added: “We were very lucky to get Ed! I asked him a few months before and I couldn’t believe he said, ‘Yeah, no problem, let me check the diary and make sure I’m free,’ and he said he’d come up and do it. I just couldn’t believe it.”

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