Philomena author reveals abuse of Irish children ‘sold’ to America

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  1. Margaret Hamill says:

    My brother was stolen from Hollis St Hospital in Dublin in 1960 believed sold to a rich American family and my mother was informed 3 weeks later that her baby had died as she left him in the hospital healthy when she was discharged

  2. Colleen says:

    I would love to share my story with Martin, I was born in Sean Ross Abbey and the nun Sister Hilagarde portrayed in movie Philomena took me away from my mom middle of night and sent me to her neice in Chicago. My birth mom never signed any papers and I went to a mom with skitsophrenia and abusive physically and mentally.

  3. Joan says:

    Alan Lawrence – I suggest a few things to you : is one. And I suggest you do a DNA test with, which can then be put on You can track the family that way hopefully and learn enough information to find your brother.

    I helped a friend find his birth family and we found them right away.

    I wish you success.

  4. Margaret says:

    The things that are coming out of the woodwork is so shameful.Those poor mums and babies .The church has a lot to answer for.Who got the money for the sale of the babies or need I ask….

  5. Alan Lawrence says:

    My Mother came out from Ireland to Australia and had an estranged kind of relationship with family in Ireland. I have asked about whether she had a child out of wedlock and no one will tell me. It is like the families dirty little secret. I have found out that i have a brother that is 10 years older than me but cannot find out any information from any of the agencies. Can anyone give me any advice as to how to go about a search. I feel that time is running out.

  6. Colleen says:

    I was born in Sean Ross Abbey and was sent to Sister Hildagardes neice in Chicago who was portrayed in Philomena. Adopted mom was unmedicated skitsophrenic and abusive. I am looking to have my story written.

  7. Bernie lawless says:

    My Mother was born in Offaly. Her Mother was not married. My mother was taken from her Mother and adopted by a sea captain and his wife in Dublin. She was forced to give her baby up by the magdaline sisters. My mother never knew who her real family was. The couple who adopted her were a Belgian sea captain and his irish wife and they lived in Sandymount in Dublin. He abused my mother for years.

  8. eileen finn says:

    Babies are a gift from God. No ‘man’ has a right to take a Mother’s baby away. This separation is horrendous and shameful. I wish these families peace. Irish women and children were sold into slavery. As in kidnapped… Irish people are strong. They overcome adversity. Survivors. I wish all my ancestors and families peace and strength.

  9. Mary Theresa Gillespie Smith says:

    We can’t even start to feel what these poor girls must have gone through, we all know once we have our babies just how precious they are and the love we feel, God Bless them all, I’m a Catholic and find it so hard to understand.

  10. Barbara Ann Harris says:

    My brother was born in Ireland in 1963 and came on a Pan Am flight from Ireland where we saw him for the first time. He was 23 months old. I was almost 10. My family was so happy to get him and he was loved very much. I am sorry for all of the unfortunate cases but he wasn’t one of them. I went to Ireland about 10 years ago when he located his birth mother. She was so happy to see him. His siblings were very angry about the lies they were told…I can’t blame them. The Catholic church really mishandled these poor families. Very sad for so many!

  11. Laura Martin says:

    This happened to me in 1976 in the US. It was all too common here! I was sent to a Maternity Home run by the Catholic Church in Los Angeles. I was medically abused by a Doctor I now assume Catholic Health Charities sent in place of my personal Doctor. They kidnapped my Newborn. Let me hold her once for 5 minutes. It was a horrendous experience!

  12. Sheila McManemon says:

    What a sad story of all these poor women and their children who were taken away from their mothers. My mother was Irish and an unmarried mother .too
    That was 1946 but she lived in England at that time , which was just as well , as I hate to think if she lived at home in Eire where I might be now if she was told to leave home by her parents , She brought me up herself alone , but she would never have given me up for adoption.I also was an unmarried mother , in 1964 and as one can imagine my mother didnt want any of the family in Eire to know ( the scandel of it !!!!! ) so I went to have my baby in unmarried mothers “home ” run by catholic nuns , but lucky for all of us unmarried girls ( I was 17 yr ) the nuns were very nice to us and we wernt treated like scumm. And I kept my baby boy , who will be 52 yrs tomorrow I saw the movie of Philomena a very moving story

  13. Vicky Reed says:

    This is so sad, thank you for all your hard work. I am so sorry as a American that this has happened to these children.

  14. Maggie Wilkinson says:

    Baby scoops happened world wide during this time, My experience in a Anglican Home for unwed Mothers was of bitter punishment ending with baby being taken and given to strangers (it was a time of abuse,cruelty loss and everlasting grief). Judgmental controlling people worked within the churches and government which allowed them to play god with our children. The Mothers were released back into society without any help or support, we were then forgotten and now ignored. This was New Zealand, Australia, UK and it still happens (ie. America) and anywhere there are vulnerable women and a consumer possessed market.

  15. Mary says:

    I am so glad to hear of these matters coming to light and having someone help these families reunite! Slainte!

  16. Philomena O 'Regan nee Devereux says:

    Philomena is such a inspiration to every person who found themselves in that situation ???

  17. Debra mullins says:

    Thank you fr all your work on this subject.
    My fiance nieces he is one of these children. Born in Cork. Brought to eris st ye age of 3 and adopted by a file on New York.
    He suffered a terrible childhood, which has scared him for life. He says he is 57 years old and has never known peace until he met me.
    His story is a real nightmare.
    This subject needs to be brought to light and these “children deserve peace.
    Again thank you

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