Wedding reception starts in the church thanks to fun loving Irish priest

An Irish priest got wedding guests dancing in the church during the ceremony

An Irish priest got the party started at a wedding in Co Galway – before the happy couple had even left the church.

As part of Rois Lydon and Paudie Mannion’s ceremony, a guest sang the classic ‘Your Wedding Day’ by Jimmy Buckley on an acoustic guitar.

An Irish priest got wedding guests dancing in the church during the ceremony

Fr John O’Gorman decided the moment was perfect to get a headstart on the wedding reception with some dancing in the church.

First, he signalled to the father of the bride to come to the front. He then asked the bride to stand and dance with her dad.

Fr O’Gorman then approached the mother of the bride and got her to dance with her new son-in-law and then got the groom’s parents dancing together.

Before long the bridesmaids and their partners were also dancing in the aisles.

Later the priest cut in and had a dance with the mother of the bride.

It was an emotional moment and some of the guests wiped away tears. At the end of the song there was a huge cheer and round of applause from the guests.

The video of the magical moment was posted to Facebook and has been viewed over half a million times.

Take a look below.

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