Off-duty Irish cop hunts down armed robbers

An off-duty police officer from Ratoath, Co Meath found himself staring down the barrel of a gun when he popped out for a spot of shopping.
The officer saw a man dressed in black approach a security man who was collecting cash from the shopping centre. The man produced what appeared to be a fire arm and took the cash box from the security guard.
5-13-garda-lamp-250He then ran to the getaway vehicle, a grey Renault Kangaroo van, which was driven by his accomplice. The two men sped off believing they had successfully executed their plan with perfect timing.
However, the off-duty officer had no intention of allowing the pair to get away with their crime. He drove after the van and followed it to a nearby housing estate.
When he blocked the van in with his car the two men confronted him.
A Garda spokesman said: “The suspects exited the van and pointed the firearm at the unarmed Garda.
“Following a brief standoff the men dropped the firearm and the cash box and fled into fields.
“A search of the area was mounted but so far the men have not been arrested.
“During a follow-up search of a house at Streamstown, Ratoath, items of black clothing, which Gardaí believe were associated with the robbery, were recovered.”
The men have not yet been found and the Garda are hopeful that a member of the public may come forward with some information.