Human chain protest to save Easter Rising site

Arms Around Moore Street

Campaigners in Dublin are trying to gather support to prevent the demolition of several houses which were the final stronghold for Irish nationalists in the Easter Rising.
The terrace houses, numbers 10-25, on Moore Street were where the rebels retreated to after they were unable to defend the General Post Office and other major buildings in Dublin.Save Moore Street 2014
Significantly outnumbered by the British army, and running low on ammunition, the leaders ordered their men to Moore Street to regroup. However, they decided that rather than risk any further civilian casualties, they would surrender.
Most of the leaders were executed in the following days by the British government.

Easter Rising is a key event in Irish history

The Easter Rising is one of the most significant events in Ireland’s history. It was the culmination of centuries of struggle against British rule.
Thousands of Irish nationalists rose up to fight for an independent republic. Hundreds died in the conflict and several more were executed in the aftermath.
Some of the houses in which they held their final stand are now under threat. A proposal to build a shopping centre on the grounds has been approved, and time is running out to save this historical Irish site.
The Save Moore Street Committee has been set up and is rallying support on social media. A peaceful protest is planned for Sunday 18 May at 2pm, with the group hopeful that in excess of 500 people can attend, and build a human chain around the site.
For more information please visit the Arms Around Moore Street 2014 Facebook page