Mrs Brown's Boy sequel under threat because of Brexit

O’Carroll thinks Mrs Brown offers some comfort during coronavirus fears

The Mrs Brown’s Boys movie sequel could be under threat because of Brexit according to Brendan O’Carroll.
The Irish funnyman revealed that the follow-up to his hit movie is in jeopardy because of financial plans made before Brexit are now worth 20% less. O’Carroll explained: “The likelihood was always there – the main problem is Brexit.
Mrs Browns Boys
“Budgets that were set for movies, set in sterling, are now worth 20% less. It’s hard to get cast and crew to work for 20% less because Britain decided to f**k off.
“There was always planning in place for a second movie but there are hoops you have to jump through.
“They want to see the script, to see if it’s going to be a decent movie, they want to see the figures for the last movie to see if it was a success.
“Then they make an offer and there’s ins and outs.”
O’Carroll was speaking at the glamorous IFTA Awards ceremony, where he picked up a gong for the Best Male Performance for his role as Agnes Brown.
Fans around the world will be hoping the sequel to Mrs Brown will get the go-ahead. The first movie was a huge success and in terms of return on investment, it was comparable to the latest instalment in the James Bond franchise Spectre.
O’Carroll said: “The movie took in €40 million. Percentage wise, and this is what I was told by Universal, it was more profitable than James Bond.
“I wouldn’t make it anywhere else other than Ireland. A lot TV series that make movies tend to take the cast somewhere else – like why don’t we all go to America for the laugh.”
He also revealed he is currently collaborating on a script with US comedian Tyler Perry.
“Tyler Perry and I are talking about making a Mrs Brown and Madea movie – Mrs Brown goes to meet the other Brown family, who she thinks are white,” he said.
“And Madea thinks they’re black – she thinks Ireland is like Jamaica.
“We’re working on a script. It’s been great fun – he’s a great guy to work with.”

Written by Andrew Moore