Great video from Ireland’s most excitable car salesman

Johnny O'Connor - Ireland's most excitable car salesman

A car salesman in Ireland has become an internet smash after a video of his enthusiastic approach to his work went viral.
Johnny O’Connor of Cork starts off his video by saying: “No need to trade in, you don’t need a deposit – we pay your deposit.”

The music then kicks in and O’Connor has a rock backing track, which only makes his deals seem even more exciting.
Johnny O'Connor - Ireland's most excitable car salesman
There is also some nifty editing in the video to give it even more of a vital and vibrant aura.
O’Connor works at the Finbarr Galvin’s Skoda & SEAT Dealership and made the video to promote his company’s 3-2-1- bang offer.
O’Connor screams ‘Bang for buck!’ before he and his colleagues explain what the customer will get for their money.
O’Connor gets progressively more excited as he explains the offer, although his colleagues are a little more reserved.
It makes for a very funny video and let’s hope that O’Connor’s manic sales technique attracts the buyers he deserves.
Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling