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Couple hike up mountain to get this stunning wedding picture

An Irish couple trekked for more than three hours up the highest mountain in Ireland to get this incredibly beautiful wedding photo from the top.

Michelle O’Leary and Ruaidhri Mohally, from Co Clare, both have a passion for the outdoors and adventure so after they tied the knot they wanted a magical picture that can stay with them forever.

Couple hike up mountain to get this stunning wedding picture

After they returned from their honeymoon, they hiked to the summit of Carrauntoohil in Co Kerry and posed in front of the incredible view.

In case you are wondering, the pair didn’t trek up the mountain in their wedding attire, but carried them on their backs and got changed at the peak.

The picture was taken by Laurie Brosnan and David Olsthoorn, the co-founders of Limerick based Dreaming and Awake Photography.

It took Michelle, Ruaidhri, Laurie and David almost seven hours to get up the mountain, have the photoshoot and climb back down.

Laurie and David have a history in extreme wedding photography. They set up Dreaming and Awake two years ago and have since snapped newlyweds in several different countries including the south of France, the Isle of Skye and the Greek island of Mykonos.

Laurie explained: “When we first set up this company we wanted to go down a different route with wedding photography. We wanted to do something completely different. We wanted to push the extreme side.”

Last year, they took another unorthodox wedding snap of a happy couple sitting on a surfboard in the sea beneath the Cliffs of Moher.

Laurie continued: “We were trying to come up with different ideas. We had got as low as you could go [at sea level], so we thought why not go as high as we can?”

However, Michelle and Ruaidhri’s snap was not at the very peak of Carrauntoohil according to David, who described it as “just off the top, down a level from the very top”.

This image took a lot of work.. Fair play to Maebh & Donough, 3 hours on a ski under the Cliffs of Moher.. What an adventure!

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