More than 3,000 Irish people chose to have their wedding overseas last year

More than 3,000 Irish people went abroad to get married last year

Ireland is a country that has proven to be a hugely popular venue for couples getting married in recent years.
Many people have chosen to travel from America, Britain, Australia and elsewhere to tie the knot in Ireland.
The country boasts some spectacular castles, churches and hotels – ideal settings for people in love to make their vows.
However, more than 3,000 Irish people chose to get married outside the country last year, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.
More than 3,000 Irish people went abroad to get married last year
They revealed that in 2014 they issued 3,099 civil letters stating a person was free to marry in another country. The documents are a legal requirement in most countries in order for a person to be married under their jurisdiction.
The weddings involving Irish brides or grooms took place across 99 countries from every corner of the world.
The most popular foreign destination was Italy, with 700 letters issued (23%) granting permission to the Italian authorities to marry the Irish person in question.
Second most popular was Spain with 381 letters issued (12%), and Malta was third with 188 letters (6%).
Other countries that were popular with Irish newlyweds included Scotland, Portugal, South Africa and Poland.
Only four letters were issued to grant permission for an Irish person to marry in England. America accounted for just five letters and Australia two.
France was host to more than a hundred Irish weddings, Brazil 33 and Turkey 45.
Other countries that saw an Irish person get married included Ivory Coast, Argentina, Bosnia Herzegovina, Pakistan and Moldova.