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Hundreds celebrate their ginger hair at 2015 Redhead Convention

Redheads and gingers from across Ireland and beyond descended upon Cork last weekend for the annual Redhead Convention.
The event was a roaring success with hundreds of redheads, and those who appreciate redheads, joining in the celebrations.Get ready for the 2015 Redhead Convention
The Redhead Convention took place in Crosshaven, Cork. It was spread across three days from the 21st to the 23rd of August. The Convention has grown in popularity ever since it was founded by Joleen Cronin and her brother Denis five years ago.
Activities included the crowning of the 2015 Ginger King and Queen, Alan Reidy and Grainne Keena. They are now responsible for representing redheads for the next 12 months.
There was also a carrot throwing competition, a tug-of-war – with teams of gingers against non-gingers, pin the tail on the foxy and snakes and gingers games.
Redheaded visitors could enjoy live music, a farmer’s market and food and drinks.
The event started out as a bit of fun by redhead siblings Joleen and Denis. However, the overwhelming popularity has led to it becoming a key fixture on the Crosshaven calendar. A team of dozens of volunteers helped put the event together.
As well as being a great weekend of fun, there is also a serious message and purpose to the event.
All money raised goes to the Irish Cancer Society, and the weekend also helps people with red hair to feel proud and confident with their appearance.
Unfortunately, many ginger people suffer from cruel bullying and teasing at some point in their lives. One of the aims of the Redhead Convention is to build confidence and assertiveness within ginger people, particularly youngsters.
Take a look at a video of some of the highlights of the Convention below.

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