Pop superstar Lorde speaks about her Irish heritage and the Rose of Tralee

Lorde photo CC BY 2.0 Krists Luhaers

New Zealand superstar Lorde has spoken about her Irish heritage and said that she needs to take a proper holiday in the country.

She even joked that her mind was running wild thinking about the Co Kerry beauty pageant festival, the Rose of Tralee.

The critically acclaimed star, whose real name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, has performed all over the world, but is yet to play a show in Ireland.

The closest she has got so far is the neighbouring UK, where she is hugely popular.

The Pure Heroine star had plans to go back to her ancestral homeland, but they were scuppered when the global covid pandemic hit, which caused people the world over to have a serious rethink about their plans.

Lorde told RTE Radio 1’s Ray D’Arcy that when things get back to normal, she intends to have a ‘do-over’.

She said: “My father’s Irish. My father’s family emigrated; his grandfather emigrated to New Zealand.

“We are very much an Irish family. I horribly, am yet to properly visit Ireland and make that connection.

“It was on my list right before the pandemic happened so hoping I’ll have a do over.”

There was one local tradition that she found particularly amusing.

She continued: “Oh my God, I know about the Rose of Tralee, I know all about it because it’s in New Zealand also.

“Oh my gosh imagine if I entered the Rose of Tralee. Now my mind’s running wild about the Rose Of Tralee.”

Lorde’s three albums have all reached the top five in Ireland and many of her singles have also been huge hits so she is sure to have a great reception when she makes her first visit.


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