Little boy divebombs aunt's wedding dress as she walks down the aisle

Little boy divebombs wedding dress

One little boy decided to make his own entertainment at his auntie’s wedding by divebombing her dress as she walked down the aisle.
Weddings are always special occasions when two people declare their love for each other in front of all their friends and families.
Little boy divebombs wedding dress
When the vows are made there is often not a dry eye in the house as parents watch their babies all grown up and beginning a new chapter in their lives.
It can all be a bit boring though, if you are a little boy who just wants to have fun.
That was the case for young Rhys who was attending his auntie’s wedding in Dublin. Tanya Malone looked stunning in her white gown as she walked down the aisle to tie the knot with Mark Managhan.
However, as the rest of the guests gushed at Tanya and admired how beautiful she looked, Rhys noticed that the train of the dress had a certain appeal to it.
Almost like a crashmat that just needed to be divebombed. Rhys wasn’t going to miss this chance and didn’t hesitate.
He broke free from his aisle, sprinted up behind Tanya and leapt into the cushioned wall of lace, silk and satin.
Thankfully, there was enough dress to absorb the force of Rhys’ landing and Tanya managed to stay on her feet.
A member of the family swiftly grabbed hold of the youngster and dragged him out of the way, so that Tanya could continue with her wedding.
The comical moment was recorded by one of the guests at the wedding and of course the video was promptly uploaded on to YouTube.
Take a look for yourself, if you were Rhys would you have been able to resist?