Stunning video of the Stag Rocks off the Donegal coast

Stunning video of Stag Rocks off the Donegal coast

A daring Irish cameraman has gone to extreme lengths to produce a stunning video of Ireland’s Donegal coastline.

Iain Miller paddled his kayak 7km off the coast to reach three tiny rugged islands known as the ‘Stags of Owey’ or ‘Stag Rocks’.

In the video, Iain takes us on his journey which starts in the Donegal mainland. He then starts rowing towards the Owey Islands.

Stunning video of Stag Rocks off the Donegal coast

Iain picked a beautiful day for it and as he passed through a gap between the first rocky islands it is striking as the beaming sun glistens on the water beyond the shade provided by the rocks.

After passing through Owey, he travels further out to sea as he heads towards the Stags.

He pulled up his boat and stopped for a rest of the North Stag. From there he took the opportunity to turn around and take a look back towards the coast.

The Owey Islands seemed far away from the Stags, and even further in the distance you can just make out the Donegal mainland.

There was time for plenty more stunning imagery and we see Iain climbing up the rocky island to take a better look at his surroundings.

From the top of the island we see more spectacular views of the distant Irish coast against the clear blue sky and the beaming sun.

Iain said on his website: “I have had the idea to land on these remote outcrops for several years now but always seemed to distracted by slightly higher offshore islands when the seas wee calm enough to allow safe access.

“It is safe to say this very rarely visited remote rocky outcrop is an outstanding place to be especially when the sun is shining in a bright blue sky.”

According to an Irish myth, the three Stags are brothers who were turned to stone as punishment for refusing to accept Colmcille as their ruler on Tory Island.

Every seven years they make an attempt to escape. However, if they are seen by a Christian they are turned back into stone.

Take a look at the video below.

For more from Iain Miller check out his website.